‘Bhajan’, an expression that literally means ‘to share’ in Sanskrit, is a devotional song or hymn to God as a way to offer gratitude and seek blessings. Bhajan Global Impact Foundation draws inspiration from a man who embodied the essence of the word ‘Bhajan’ – in both spirit and form. Ch. Bhajan Lal, a humanitarian and a people’s political leader, truly committed his life to service. At merely 17 years of age, Ch. Bhajan Lal arrived into Adampur Mandi, Haryana, with nothing but hopes and dreams, and a desire to contribute to the peace and prosperity of Independent India. Having started out as an apprentice in Adampur’s traders’ hub, he toiled and struggled to both sustain himself as well as contribute to society as a responsible citizen.

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Focus Areas

Health & Wellbeing

Developing a robust health ecosystem that includes quality healthcare delivery and preventive health practices


Co-creating a sustainable future for all living beings

Education & Leadership

Supporting initiatives in education that are inclusive, relevant, meaningful, experiential, values-based and/or leadership-oriented

Employment & Employability

Empowering individuals with relevant skills and opportunities for economic fulfillment, in line with global economic trends

Essential Infrastructure

Adopting global best practices in infrastructure that help improve the productivity of individuals and communities

Agriculture & Rural Economy

Improving farmer profitibality and rural livelihoods through technological innovation, rural rejuvenation, community engagement and action

Law & Order

Enhancing the efficiency and transparency of law and order through quality monitoring information systems

Sports & Youth Affairs

Developing a comprehensive sports ecosystem, and supporting measures that appropriately channelise the energy of young people

Gender-based issues and the role of technology are explored under each of our Focus Areas.

Leadership Team

Kuldeep Bishnoi


Renuka Bishnoi


Bhavya Bishnoi

Vice Chairman


For those with whom we can make positive changes together


For those for whom time is money


For those wishing to make impact on the ground


For those wishing to contribute content towards robust policy design



Our Partners