Ketto Fundraiser for Vicky’s Medical Treatment

Mange Ram, aka Vicky’s, story is one of great suffering but also one of will and determination. He belongs to Jagaan village of Hisar district in Haryana. In 2016, he lost his left leg during a road accident. During that time, his family had exhausted their personal savings, and had to even sell ancestral land to pay for his treatment. Recently, he met with another road accident in which he lost his two-year-old daughter.

Vicky and his wife – critically injured – were battling for their lives in the ICU at Jindal Hospital, Hisar, with no help in sight. Their families were unable to bear the high cost of medical treatment. Through Bhajan Global Impact Foundation, we raised funds to help Vicky and his wife get urgent medical treatment. We are pleased to know that Vicky’s wife has fully recovered, whereas Vicky’s condition has improved but continues to be under medical care in Hisar. We thank everyone who stepped up to help Vicky and his family during their critical time of need.