Vision, Mission & Objectives


To better the lives of the people of Haryana through evidence-based policy research and high-impact social interventions.


To build an ecosystem of knowledge, innovation, and impact by collaborating with passionate and committed individuals and organisations, catalysing transformative change in communities both locally and globally.


Shape Evidence-Based Policy Design

  • Use data science and evidence to strengthen the policy framework in our sphere of influence.
  • Bring about a paradigm shift in policy design from populism to pragmatism.
  • Adopt collaborative and inclusive approaches to policy design through citizen engagement.

Implement High Impact Projects

  • Use data science and evidence to design and implement impact projects that address pressing development challenges.
  • Identify best practices in social impact, implement and scale them through partnerships and community action.
  • Identify stories of change and nurture talent across a myriad of avenues, and support them in achieving excellence.