Education for Transformation

‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’
– Nelson Mandela

(Excerpts from Bhavya Bishnoi’s (Vice Chairman, BGIF) closing remarks)

Bhajan Global Impact Foundation, in partnership with Lotus Learning Foundation, hosted a special programme during the 50th Annual Meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on 21 January 2020.

The programme convened global leaders in education to discuss ideas and collaborations on improving the quality of education in India and the world. Speakers at the programme included:

  • Dean Rachel Kyte | Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
  • Henrik Syse | PRIO & Norwegian Nobel Committee
  • Jens Waltermann | Executive Director, UWC International
  • Asha J. Motwani | Founder, MITLI
  • Amit Patel | MD, Owl Ventures
  • Christian Busch | SPS Centre for Global Affairs, NYU
  • Sanjay Kadaveru | Founder & President, Action for India
  • Sangeeta K. Nag | Principal, Pathways International School
  • Vijay Kumar | Executive Director, J-WEL, MIT

Speakers discussed how we need to develop pedagogy and harness technology that build transferable skills for a rapidly changing work environment; how we need to build effective learning environments in which inclusivity, creativity, leadership, ethics, and empathy are encourage and cultivated; how we need to ensure that our education systems help produce global citizens who are culturally interconnected, spiritually grounded, and environmentally conscious.

Highlights from the programme can be found here.